Tevez and Messi’s future: “His difficult situation. Age advances and the team does not help him …

Long interview by Carlos Tevez reported by Brand in which theApache of the Boca Juniors also dwells on Lionel Messi, number 10 of Barcelona and the Argentine national team. The former Juventus spoke about the fate of The flea, a lot of conversation in view of the transfer market in view of next season.

Tevez: “Age advances and the team does not help him …”

Tevez (getty images)

He doesn’t mince words Tevez to talk about the compatriot Messi: “There is nothing more difficult when you are approaching a certain age and you realize that by now you have only a bit of a career as a football player left,”Apache. “And above all you see that your team doesn’t help you. So it is difficult. But Messi, more than anyone else, knows the decision he will make in June about his future. But if I had my say, I can’t imagine him wearing another shirt, apart from that of Barcelona ”.

Finally, a thought from a true Argentine: “The only thing Leo lacks is winning a World Cup, football owes it to him …”.

Messi (getty images)

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