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Barcelona, ​​Jan 31 (EFE) .- Guillermo Amor, director of institutional relations of FC Barcelona, ​​assured about the leak of Leo Messi’s contract, published in full by the newspaper ‘El Mundo’, that the Argentine has “to be calm”, because “the club is with him.”

In a statement to Movistar +, Amor commented that he does not know if someone from the club has contacted Messi, after it was revealed that he receives 555 million euros in four years.

“In my case, I have not spoken with him. I do not know. This is a very personal thing,” said Amor, who stressed that the azulgrana “is with Leo in this sense.”

“We defend our players, we stand with our players and the club has to defend itself from this – from the leak – of the contract,” he said.

Asked if he expected it to affect him in his match against Athlétic, Amor assured that this would be a question for the player. “Leo has a lot of experience, he has been there for many years, he has lived many things, sometimes good and sometimes not so much, this is the career of a footballer. He has been in many battles already, he has shown today that he is not affected, nor the rest of the team, “he insisted-

Amor admitted that the entity is living “a moved situation, in the famous environment that Johan (Cruyff) said in many aspects”, but he was pleased because the team lives isolated from all this.

“That must be appreciated. It (the team) is very involved in its work, in preparing, playing the games and winning them, which is what it has been doing lately, and it is very isolated from everything that is around it …, that’s why when these issues come out it bothers them to come out, because they don’t have to come out and come out, “he added.

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The director of institutional relations of Barcelona believes that the information has leaked: “But I can read up to that point, because I don’t know anything else.”

As for whether this information could affect the player’s decision to continue or leave Barcelona at the end of this season, Amor recalled that it is the player who has to decide.

“He said that during the season there was time and that he would decide at the end. Our wish is for him to continue and to finish his career here, as he started. We owe him a lot and I think he also owes Barça and he is the one who goes to decide when a few months pass, “he insisted. EFE

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