The clauses in Messi’s contract: Learning Catalan, consequences of independence…

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The clauses in Messi's contract: Learning Catalan, consequences of independence...

The publishing of Lionel Messi’s most recent contract, which was signed in 2017, has led to El Mundo’s feature being the most-discussed topic in Spain in the last few days, and now there are even more details emerging.

As part of the 555,237,619 euro deal over four seasons, there are certain things that Barcelona wanted Messi to do on top of his displays on the pitch and being a marketable asset off it.

According to El Mundo, Barcelona demanded that Messi, in exchange for signing the biggest contract in the history of sport, should ‘integrate into Catalan society and culture’.

This is in the articles of the first clause (1.2.7), and Barcelona were doing their all to try and improve Messi‘s Catalan.

This demand was on the same level as ‘adopting a suitable personal conduct and rhythm of life’ or to not to engage in doping.

Messi accepted, but in the event that Catalonia became independent, he would become a free agent. In addition, the Copa Catalunya matches were not considered official matches and therefore did not count.

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