The referee is a repeat offender, he whistled the most surreal penalty in favor of Jordi Alba

No one could believe watching the replay. And when we say nobody, it is nobody. Hernandez Hernandez, collegiate of this Barça-Valencia, had whistled penalty and expulsion to Jose Luis Gayà when he understood that the captain was pushing Antoine Griezmann in the area just before the Frenchman finished off only before Jaume. That was what the Canarian referee saw, who did not hesitate for a moment to point out the maximum penalty and expel the Spanish international with a direct red.

Hernández Hernández has a history, he is a repeat offender in these stories. His resume has already left a good number of controversial actions in which, curiously, he always benefited, the Football Club Barcelona. I don’t know what the Canarian braid with the culé team that, always immersed in controversy, tends to run an extra life for the Blaugrana.

That of Gayà He ended up rectifying it. The match stopped and the VAR worked. From the room they saw that something was wrong, they did not know very well what his counterpart had whistled and he instructed him to go to the screen to see the action again, repeating it several times until he found the perfect speech to convince himself, at least to himself , of what was whistling.

Hernandez Hernandez I review the play and withdrew the red card that I had originally shown to show the yellow, so I continued to appreciate that Gayà he had committed the maximum penalty. The ridiculous thing about all this is what the referee told the captain of Valencia to justify the color of the card and the penalty.

GayàIn statements to Movistar, he spoke in very clear terms of what the referee had explained to him after reviewing the action with the VAR. I’m going to try to explain it. Leo drives, he puts it inside me for Griezmann, in an action in which perhaps I am poorly outlined. But I touch the ball with my toe and heI can brush my foot, but I don’t push it», Says the left-handed side sincerely and adds:«The referee does not see a penalty for contact below but because he thinks I push him. It is what it tells me. Then he goes to the monitor and says it is not push but it is contact and that is why it is not red, it is yellow. I don’t know if it has been understood. The referee gives a penalty and expels me because he thinks I pushed him. I do not find much sense to what he has explained to me, He says it is a penalty because I push him, and then, when he sees it, he gives a penalty for the contact below and that is why it is not red.


Not the same Hernandez Hernandez was able to explain with some logic to Gayà the reason for the penalty and the yellow, what he saw first and what he interpreted later. But it is that the referee has already been involved in controversies of this nature before.

Everyone remembers the embarrassing game that Hernández Hernández whistled at the Camp Nou in a Barcelona-Elche on 16/17. In that game, the Canarian referee came to whistle two completely non-existent penalties to the Catalans. At that time, the VAR but it had been curious to hear the explanations of the braid in those acts. That night he whistled penalties on Jordi Alba and Neymar. The first, clumsily, shot to the ground and not the ball and wallowed in pain. The referee whistled a penalty. With the Brazilian it was worse: he threw himself into a clear pool, expelled Capa and gave another push to the Catalans.

In may 2018, in a Classic at the Camp Nou, Hernandez Hernandez would become player number 12 of the Barcelona. He Real Madrid he complained a lot that night in a match that would end in a draw (2-2) but only after two controversial decisions by the braid. He allowed first the goal of Leo Messi, the one of 2-1, go up to the scoreboard despite the slap that Luis gave Suarez to Varane in the action prior to the goal. The referee also did not want to see a penalty book Jordi Alba on Marcelo, that until the own culé flipped of not being sanctioned. The canary is more than a repeat offender.

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