The response and revenge of Lionel Messi to FC Barcelona after they leaked his contract | El …

We all knew before this that players like Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and so many others make as much money as they want. Although, being able to actually see the numbers could be shocking. That’s why after knowing that Messi earns $555 million in four years the media blame him for being the cause of FC Barcelona’s problems.

Is this true? It is hard to say, economic crisis happens for a lot of reasons. If FC Barcelona would not have signed that contract with Messi, he would probably be out of the club by now, and the earnings on advertising, TV and tickets without the Argentinian would be way too low in comparison with how is now.

Messi demonstrated again that he is worth any amount of money. He answered every single journalist and fan with a free-kick goal. He keeps showing match after match how FC Barcelona cannot play without him. Does this make the team decision a bad one? Could be, but they knew where they were going.

The media from Spain leaked how much Messi makes with his latest contract.

FC Barcelona is one of the strongest clubs from Europe and these kinds of problems should not exist. It is impossible that the salary of one single player affects the status of an entire sport club that does not only have a football team. Clearly Lionel Messi is going to keep answering the media when he gets mad.

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