They reveal the super salary of Lionel Messi: he has earned more than 500 million euros since 2017

This Saturday He revealed the colossal amount of money that Lionel Messi is earning at F.C.B, Who adds The value of the past four years amounted to more than 500 million eurosHe has a “blaugrana” in financial problems.

As mentioned the worldExact number you won Messi since 2017 stands at € 555,237,619 (nearly 500,000 million Chilean pesos), a multi-million dollar contract, meaning that the footballer has earned more than 138 million. From European currency for each season.

in addition to, The “flea” took advantage of large bonuses only for renewal and for the concept of “loyalty&”

; to the clubHe also had strong incentives for international tournaments, despite the fact that since 2015 he has not won the Champions League.

This situation complicates the finances of the “culé” team, which has been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, though It’s difficult to lower the salary of one of the best players in club history.

Likewise, chances are that Messi will leave the organization in June of this year 2021 since then The contract expires, and Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City were the main suitors for himTherefore, this “pharaonic” salary as it is qualified may be numbered days.

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