“Who wouldn’t want to play with Messi?”

That Omen The introvert from a few years ago has given way to a much more open and communicative type. Now he easily lavishes on the networks and feels at ease. Around 100,000 people gathered on the Twitch channel of Ibai Llanos to attend a talk in which the Argentine reviewed his entire career. From his first kicks to a ball in the town of Buenos Aires where he was born to be the most important footballer in the history of City.

Anyone’s dream. In his case, that of a child who played in the street with the background sound of the radio and the goals of Francescoli in River Plate. The one who debuted with just 15 years in Independiente before making the leap to Atlético de Madrid that opened the doors of Europe. In Manchester, however, it has been the place where he has left the most impact after ten years at the club. A journey to which the striker has not set an expiration date: “I don’t know what I’m going to do in June,” he said.

Of Messi only one rhetorical question could be drawn from him: “Who wouldn’t like to play with Leo? ”He replied with a mischievous smile, aware that much has been said about 10 in Manchester. And of Guardiola He was resounding: “Many have tried to copy his style. And in England, except for Arsenal and United Ferguson, not so many want to have the ball as in Spain ”, commented a Omen who defined his coach as someone who was detailed and with whom City has improved a lot.

After 180 goals in Premier, the Kun He is the foreigner who has scored the most times. Above Henry. His career cannot be understood without his time in England, although he fondly remembers his time at Atlético: “El Calderón was impressive in hot games,” he said. The rivalry with Real, incomparable: “The Madrid press? 40 pages for them and a small square for us. Lucky that in Athletic Sports World one was informed of everything, “he acknowledged.

A Omen what, how Messi, has a pending account with Argentina: “It was hard to lose the 2014 World Cup in extra time and then twice in a row the Copa América. But I hope we have another chance in Qatar ”, underlined a footballer who now feels in his sauce in this type of more casual interviews in which good vibes prevail and the absence of fussy questions. To know the future of Omen and that of Messi it will take waiting.

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