World Cup: Leo is also the best in “Marco”, Messi is only 10th!

Robert Lewandowski, the winner of the Polish national team Munich “Bayern” in the Champions League, won last year’s title of best footballer in the most popular Spanish sports daily “Marco”, according to the Hungarian Telegraph Bureau.

Lewandowski wins Mark (Photo: AFP)


The 32-year-old striker, who also won the International Football Association (FIFA) in December, probably took the initiative in the traditional editorial vote, writes MTI.

The report of the telegraph office also covers the strengthening of the Argentine “Barcelona&”

; on the “Marche”. Lionel Messi and Portuguese playing for Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo none of them entered the top three, the last on the 5th and the first on the 10th.

Behind Lewandowski, who scored 55 goals in 47 matches against Bayern in 2020, winning all possible trophies Joshua Kimmich became the second and French champion world champion Paris Saint-Germain, Killian Mbape the third.

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